Spring in the Houston area

As spring approaches us in the Houston area , here are some checklist items we recommend:

1. Check sprinkler systems for proper coverage. Broken pipes from the freeze , heads that need to be raised or straightened. These are common problems we see on irrigation systems.

2. Aerate and compost on turf. Aerating allows water and oxygen to the root system of the turf. It breaks up through root bound and allows the the turf to flourish. We recommend in the springtime and middle of the summer.

3. Seasonal color. Always great to get the color in before the summer heat arrives. Less watering to get the color roots established!

4. Lighting. We recommend checking your outdoor lighting. We use led bulbs for replacement and high grade fixtures if they are in need of replacing as well. Lighting is aesthetically pleasing and gives a level of security.

5. With the crazy weather unfortunately azaleas , red bud trees , magnolias are blooming very early. We recommend pruning back and fertilizing for next years blooms. Also with the hard freeze , some plant placement may need to be addressed.